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Paige Eckensberger


Scan Dec 17, 2020 (3).jpg

New works on wood panels featured in Young Blood, a group show at honeyjones studio in Cambridge, MA, January 2021. 

This collection of paintings come from a continuing body of work titled Through Space. These pieces have been formed using lines, shapes, and colors through a reactionary process. Shapes interact with each other, responding to the other elements in the piece, either in sync or in opposition to each other. These newer pieces represent another step in the visual and material evolution of this body of work. Through these paintings, a variation on my style has emerged as I have started working with a new surface: wood panels.  


The simplicity of the artwork is realized through the tension between the abstract shapes and the detailed patterning of the wood grain. While placing shapes and lines on the panels, there is a decision of opacity. Which shapes will allow the grain to still be visible? Which will cover it completely? Overlapping shapes and lines, cutting through both transparent and opaque shapes, create worlds of layers. By transplanting my geometric forms onto this panel surface, the work is grounded. The triple resonances of shape, movement through space, and wood remind me that everything, including art, has roots in nature.

Panel 3

Scan Dec 17, 2020.jpg

Panel 1

Scan Dec 17, 2020 (4).jpg

Panel 2

Fall 2020

Working on the floor of my bedroom has become a type of ritual and meditation for me, bringing myself closer to my paintings and creating a tactile experience.


Gallery view from Through Space 2019


Drawings from Summer 2020

Paige Eckensberger

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