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FALL 2020

Darby McLaughlin


Right now I am in the processes of learning to build a PC for a faster video editing workflow, while also making progress on a few videos in post-production.


Click here to see some of the videos I've uploaded on Vimeo in the past year. 

Upcoming Videos to Look out for: 


Darren Cole's Cinneculture Live Stream Performance Featuring Milkshaw Bennedict. Click here to join the virtual event. 

Sweet Water Forest Documentary Shorts

Born and Bred Event Recap Video

I am drawing on these four texts to push my ideas into the public sphere, beyond video production and beyond the realm of absent consumption. I am asking myself how the work I make can take on a life of its own and hold interactivity, participation and community at its core. 

Global Activism: Art and Conflict in the 21st Century

Living as Form

Healing Resistance

Education for Socially Engaged Art

Recently I've been exploring more in VR and have been sculpting 3D illustrations and scenes in Z-Space. Along with my research into building the best PC for the studio, Im also looking into ways I can export and animate these sketches. 


Darby McLaughlin

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